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I have the following Kayaks for sale which have only been used a few times

Ex Hire Kayaks (only been used 2 or 3 times)
Ocean Malibu Double Kayak with Paddles and Seats = £412.50 +VAT (£495)
Tootega Pulse 95 Single Kayak with Paddle and Seat = £300 +VAT (£360)

Contact Mat for more info
07495 234444
I have a few RED Paddle Boards for sale as below

Ex Hire boards (only been used 2 or 3 times)
Red 9'8" = £541.67+VAT £650
Red 10'6" = £541.67+VAT £650
Slightly older board (used maybe 10-12 times)
Red 9'6" = £458.33+VAT £550

Contact Mat for more info
07495 234444
That's the trouble with you all - you spend too much time drinking and not enough time exploring!!!

See you all at Bembridge  ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
Sorry to hear that we will not be able to see the new Grey Funnel Line Cruise Ship. However perhaps you could organise the visit to St Helens Fort via the tunnel or perhaps the canal trip from Bembridge to the South of the Island. I seem to recall that these have been on the agenda before, but we never got around to them.
Items for Sale / Interior spotlights from Hunter 2002 356
« Last post by NC Spooner on Sun 12/Feb/2017 11:35 GMT »
I have upgraded all my interior spotlights, so these are for sale on ebay:

Hi Jim and Rhona

Aurelia will not be able to attend the Bembridge Rally this year. This is a real pity as it is one of the nicest events. I would have been able to come on the original date, but the changed  date  conflicts with a booking I have at Brooklands with the MG.

See you later on in the year.

All the best
Philip Overton

Is it not increditable that the Mill Pond has been developed without disturbing any of the local wild life and upsetting all those environmentalists. This is all due to the new dredging system. A world first and developed in Bembridge Harbour by Isle of Wight engineers.  It uses the following system.

Suck,  Treat,  Undulate, Part,  Identify,  Drop. 

Not only that, but all the waste material is not wasted by dumping back into the sea, it is being used around the harbour, to RAISE the height of the harbour walls, thus increasing the depth.

To date, the following boats have indicated that they will be coming to the AGM on 4 March:
Cirta Cito
Bright Spark
Paxi Moon
Kindrid Spirit
Please let me know if you intend to join us, and give me your meal requests.
Is was suppose to be there as we had arranged for an LOA tour of the new boat however I am sure you will be aware those lazy Scotts have not yet finished her yet so we will look for alternative ideas to entertain you all!!!  ;)
General Discussion / Re: Is the Legend fading away?
« Last post by GOVEAN V mike & Anne kendall on Thu 09/Feb/2017 14:42 GMT »
Pleased to say that the predominant logo on our one year old 33e is LEGEND ! in large letters.
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