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General Discussion / Re: Brompton Folding bikes and Storage aboard.
« Last post by Rebel - Jim Randall on Sat 25/Mar/2017 09:51 GMT »
For all you oldies like us you might want to look at electric bikes - first step towards a bath chair!!!!  ;)

and for the die hard Brompton fans

and for all you existing Brompton bikers

PS: Don't forget effective 1/4/2017 that the Isle of Wight Council are introducing a new Bike tax payable at £50 per year or £25 per week!!

For full details see:

Be warned Fines are £250 for non payment  8)

General Discussion / Re: Brompton Folding bikes and Storage aboard.
« Last post by D Gedny on Sat 25/Mar/2017 07:23 GMT »
Thanks Mike. Hopefully get one this season so we can explore the Isle of Wight, which is quite hilly, so will go with the 6speed also.
Dear LOA Member

We would very much appreciate your support in making the third National Legend Weekend bigger and better than before.

There will be FREE berthing at Haslar Marina on Friday and Saturday night for all Legend Owners who would like to take part, please advise soonest if you will be attending so we can allocate a berth.

Saturday provides an opportunity for our customers and the general public to come and see what they are missing and for Legend Owners to socialise with a glass of wine. The Haslar Marina berth holders party is held on the Saturday evening and we have been allocated with a number of tickets, anyone wishing to join in is welcome, but again please confirm sooner rather than later.

The Three Forts Challenge will be held on the Sunday and as always a FREE hog roast and glass of wine will follow during the presentation.

Information is currently circulating via Facebook, Haslar Marina and our website:

Please contact:

Nick Edgington:

Chris Ibbotson:
FourForty is on for it!

Due to prior commitments we can't make passage earlier, but here is our current plan. We will be in Gosport (following the Legend weekend mid May). We are leaving there mid afternoon on 23rd and will go to Sparkes for a sharp start on 24th, aiming for Eastbourne. Then 25th - ideally get to Ramsgate, but Dover if we run out of time, then Queenborough on 26th for the rendezvous with East, prior to the triumphant procession up the Thames.

Hoping Schnapsidee will be able to link up somehow and that others will join the cruise.


General Discussion / Re: Electric Anchor Windlass
« Last post by Ocean Star on Tue 21/Mar/2017 15:13 GMT »
I also have the SL Sprint Atlantic on my 356 (essentially the same boat). I have dealt with slspares in Glasgow and really good people.
Had to take the windlass off over the winter due to a leak and the fitting is simple, no major surgery, 4 holes for the retaining studs and one larger central hole for the drive spindle which all then bolts together under the deck and hidden behind the wooden panel in the fore peak.

This one is no longer in production but lewmar do an equivalent version (if you search for so sprint Atlantic you will come across a comparison option).

Happy to take some pictures of mine over the weekend if it helps, just shout.

Neil & Co

Due to unforeseen events, my consultant appointment in May, I will be unable to attend. I cannot put this off.

 I was looking forward to the event so much. Have a good trip.

Philip Overton
General Discussion / Re: Electric Anchor Windlass
« Last post by Philip Overton Aurelia on Mon 20/Mar/2017 17:38 GMT »
On my 36  I have a Maxwell RC 10  Vertical rope/chain windlass. It can be used on 8mm to 10mm  ( 5/16  and ?) short link chain, 3 strand or 8 plait rope. This fits very neatly in the anchor locker. It can be used for chain and for rope separately.

Philip Overton

Sorry for delayed response, I made a note that today was the deadline - whoops. Schnapsidee here confirming that we are still good to go & really looking forward to this event, & thanks for setting it up. I'm amazed that the take up is so slow.

Re our 'voyage' Phillip of Aurelia, & Howard on FourForty, I provisionally suggest we set sail say on Monday 22nd. I think that you are both in Chichester marina so perhaps we could make our way down to you from Hythe for a rendezvous. I would like there & back we take in the four marinas at Brighton or Eastbourne, then Dover or Ramsgate. If you could just ping me back to confirm that you're on the trip then I'll put together more detailed passage plan thoughts.

General Discussion / Re: Electric Anchor Windlass
« Last post by David Lewis on Sat 18/Mar/2017 13:02 GMT »
I've got a SL Sprint Atlantic on my 2002 426. However, I think they are now defunct but spares can still be had from in Glasgow. You never know they might still have some complete units.
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