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2017 Events
« on: Tue 03/Jan/2017 10:16 GMT »
Until the 2017 calendar appears, here are the 2017 dates

L O A East

c/o Nigel King (Capt.), ‘Killick’, Cliff Road, Waldringfield, Suffolk, IP12 4QL


I hope you are enjoying the Festive Season. Judging by some Facebook entries, good food and booze interspersed with some lovely looking walks seem to be the order of the day ……… enjoy.
My intention to get this Newsletter to you before Christmas Day has clearly all gone wrong and I suppose I should have known better than to have said this is what I intended to do, knowing all that had to be done here at home getting ready for the onslaught of the family. Now I am even later because my computer won’t let me send Group emails !!
There is now an event list for the 2017 season and I show below what is planned so far so don’t say “I didn’t know what was going on” !. I say ‘so far’ deliberately because there will be four events at which there is a friendly ‘ 3 line whip’ for you to attend !  These dates will appear on the LOA website. Other dates however will be more optional and can be found in due course in the LOA East Facebook Group, ‘Leggies’.  The idea being that there will be other ‘official’ events organised for you (see diary below) - but then during the season you, the members, are invited to ask fellow ‘Leggies' to join them with whatever you are up to. For example, if I decide to go to Southwold on the first weekend of July, I shall say so in the ‘Leggies' Group and ask for anyone else to join us and to get into contact. I shall also be monitoring ‘Leggies' and sending emails around to advise who is doing what in case you have no interest in Facebook !!
It has been decided to have a “Get in the Mood’ Saturday Dinner and B&B in February - not a ‘3 line whip’ but obviously we would like as many as possible to attend. Robert Fisher is actually coordinating the weekend so please do look out for his circular in ‘Leggies’ and on email. I must record thanks to Paul Edwards for his help in choosing the restaurant and hotel, also to Paul Valentine for other ideas.
That’s all for now, there will be more during the season, but if you have any comments etc etc please do not hesitate to contact me.
Best Wishes for 2017 and here’s to a great sailing season ……..

Scheduled Events Diary 2017

February 18/19   ‘Get in the Mood’ Dinner, B&B   Southend            Robert Fisher
April 29 - May 1   ‘Blow Away the Cobwebs’      Woodbridge / Ramsholt      Nigel King
May 27 - June 1   South Meets East         London, St Katherine’s      Neil Yule
June 24      Black Tie Dinner         Horse Sand, Felixstowe Ferry   Robert Lomax
July 29 - Aug 13   Brexit Tour to Holland      Holland !!            Peter Hurwood
August 26 - 28   ‘Blackwater Bounty’         Bradwell based         Graham Young
October 14      Laying Up Supper         Shotley            Neil Yule and
                                       Nick Rainsley
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"East Meets South" at St Katherine's Dock - May 27th to 29th/30th
« Reply #1 on: Sun 05/Mar/2017 13:39 GMT »
Dear Leggies,

I'm sorry it's taken so long, but after much hassling, emails and calls, I have eventually received a very nice email from St Kat's confirming that they look forward to welcoming the LOA Flotilla in May.  I have indicated that we will arrive at around 15.00hrs BST on Saturday May 27th, approximately one hour before the 15.54hrs BST high tide and that we will probably depart in two groups, on May 29th and 30th.  However, now that we've secured our reservation, we have some flexibility to adjust these arrangements to suit everyone's plans.

I appreciate that it's been many months since I last communicated on this topic so some of you who previously registered interest may no longer be available.  Equally I am hoping that we can now tempt a few more boats to join us.  St Kat's has always been a unique and exciting venue, providing a tranquil haven nestled under the shadow of Tower Bridge.  During the winter they have apparently completed a whole renovation of the marina, with new pontoons, modern services for each berth and upgraded facilities ashore. The email from the marina staff however, confirms that "the charm and convenience of this central London marina, remains the same."

As previously explained, the trip up the Thames must be done on the flood, so the plan would be for the Eastern and Southern Flotillas to meet during the afternoon of Friday, May 26th, on the visitors' moorings on the River Swale at Queenborough, a short distance up the River Medway from Sheerness. The following day we would ride the generous flood up the Thames, passing under the QE2 bridge, through the Thames Barrier, past Canary Wharf, arriving London Bridge at around 15.0hhrs BST. 

I have provisionally assumed a party of 7 boats, with some departing St Kats on the 29th and the rest of the 30th.  However, this is flexible and I can adjust numbers and departure dates once the attendees have been confirmed.

The Eastern flotilla can generally make Queenborough in a day from the Orwell/Stour area, but those joining from the South will obviously require a few days to get there.  When I've done the run across from the Solent, I've generally stopped over in Brighton and Dover, but I'll leave you guys to make your own detailed plans for that part of the adventure.

In order to coordinate the two groups I will arrange a conference call that we can all dial into, in order to discuss plans and agree approximate timing.  Before doing so however I would like to confirm which boats would be interested in joining.  When I last communicated on this topic last autumn I had interest registered from the following boats:


Other members have expressed interest, but these were the boat names that I captured at the time.

St Kat's is a great location from where to explore London.  In previous East Coast trips we've taken the opportunity to visit Greenwich and taken in a West End show in the evening.  I therefore strongly encourage everyone to "give it a go".  It's a trip that everyone should do at least once!

PLEASE therefore take a look at your calendars and see if you can fit this unique opportunity into your schedules.  It will be great opportunity for our East and South coast members to meet up.

If you are able to confirm your previous interest or would like to add your name to those above, please send me an email by March 18th.  I'll then set up a conference call for interested parties to discuss the event and confirm their interest.  My email address is  No jokes please - it's a Swedish company...

I look forward to hearing from  lots of you!

Kind regards

Neil Yule
Neil & Deborah Yule
Legend 36