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Electric Anchor Windlass
« on: Thu 09/Mar/2017 12:09 GMT »
Hi all,

I have recently purchased a 2004 36ft Legend. It unfortunately didn't come with an electric anchor windlass and after a few particularly difficult episodes anchoring last year I would like to have one installed. Can anyone recommend a windlass type / mounting / etc (photos would be greatly appreciated) that I can pass on to the chap who is looking into this for me. I'd like to avoid having to do major surgery on the boat to get this in!

Thanks in advance


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Re: Electric Anchor Windlass
« Reply #1 on: Fri 10/Mar/2017 08:21 GMT »
Hi, I have a Simpson & Lawrance Sprint Atlantic fitted to my 2004 h36. I believe they are specials spacificaly made for Legends.

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Re: Electric Anchor Windlass
« Reply #2 on: Sat 18/Mar/2017 13:02 GMT »
I've got a SL Sprint Atlantic on my 2002 426. However, I think they are now defunct but spares can still be had from in Glasgow. You never know they might still have some complete units.
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Re: Electric Anchor Windlass
« Reply #3 on: Mon 20/Mar/2017 17:38 GMT »
On my 36  I have a Maxwell RC 10  Vertical rope/chain windlass. It can be used on 8mm to 10mm  ( 5/16  and ?) short link chain, 3 strand or 8 plait rope. This fits very neatly in the anchor locker. It can be used for chain and for rope separately.

Philip Overton

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Re: Electric Anchor Windlass
« Reply #4 on: Tue 21/Mar/2017 15:13 GMT »
I also have the SL Sprint Atlantic on my 356 (essentially the same boat). I have dealt with slspares in Glasgow and really good people.
Had to take the windlass off over the winter due to a leak and the fitting is simple, no major surgery, 4 holes for the retaining studs and one larger central hole for the drive spindle which all then bolts together under the deck and hidden behind the wooden panel in the fore peak.

This one is no longer in production but lewmar do an equivalent version (if you search for so sprint Atlantic you will come across a comparison option).

Happy to take some pictures of mine over the weekend if it helps, just shout.


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Re: Electric Anchor Windlass
« Reply #5 on: Thu 14/Sep/2017 16:37 GMT »
hi I have a legend 326 it also had no windlass if fitted a Lewmar 1000 pro fish stainless steel finsish this just fitted in the locker I added extra ply below the mounting follow the link below for the model I fitted I added the remote hand set too