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Boat Show & 40 Offer
« on: Thu 05/Oct/2017 12:25 GMT »
Dear LOA Member

Having come up for air after what was a fairly successful Southampton Boat Show, I wanted to say how good it was to see so many owners on the stand throughout the 10 days. Next year we will look to re-establish the LOA bar, as we hope to have a slightly larger presence and therefore room to accommodate this.

The ML31 sold at the show, and with the positive response we have had post the event we are hopeful for further sales. I'm sure you will see a new name or two in the LOA membership list.

The ML40 that was on display in Town Quay also generated a positive reaction, but amazingly has yet to be sold (although we have two very strong candidates). On this note if anyone is after an absolute bargain I would encourage you to contact me asap.

I have attached the show offer sheet for this model, but having spoken with the owner this week, I can say that there is room for negotiation, and it is likely that the best offer we receive this month will buy the boat.

I can be contacted at or on 07932 799598

Kind Regards

Nick Edgington